Kindle 3 SO Issue

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Kindle 3 SO Issue

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I researched all the 1-Star Kindle reviews as well as put together a comprehensive collection of Kindle problems. But please keep in mind that K3 is definitely rated 4.5 Stars and even is certainly the leading ereader today Jonathan Quick Kings Jersey , but nothing is perfect…

1. Kindle Freezing Problem

The Kindle freezing problem is the most common bug: the screen freezesreboots repeatedly. Usually, this specific isn’t caused by the device itself – it’s caused by some of the popular Kindle leather covers. These covers have metal hooks that connect to the reader. The same metal hooks connect Kindles to the light system on lighted covers. In theory, the “idle” connection can out the device – this valuable explains why the Kindle freezing problem is actually more prominent with non-lighted covers.

One technician admitted that Kindle cover problems do exist. Her solution is actually: remove the cover temporarily as well as test the unit. One reviewer’s Kindle kept rebooting Dustin Brown Kings Jersey , but after they stopped using their old cover they haven’t had one issue.

2. Poor Customer Service intended for Non-US Customers

A percentage of buyers complain about poor service meant for international customers (almost nobody complains about the US customer support). There are talks about low priority given to non-US customers, including those from Canada and Australia. Travelers may also be affected by this specific.

3. 3G WiFi Problems

A portion of customers complain about Amazon Kindle problems with wireless andor 3G. Issues mentioned include: failing to connect or losing connection (WiFi3G). The suggested solution is to purchase a Kindle 3G+WiFi, to have an alternative connectivity as a backup.

4. Expensive Books

A portion of Kindle owners criticize the cost of ebooks on Amazon (on average Anze Kopitar Kings Jersey , their ebooks are $7.50).

5. Stopped Working

Intended for some people, their Kindle 3 stopped working for the purpose of no apparent reason soon after the purchase: 2 days, 4 days Drew Doughty Kings Jersey , 1 week, 1 month, etc.

6. Screen Problem

A percentage of users mention Kindle screen problems. In one case Jonathan Quick Womens Jersey , the screen broke days after purchase, following a slight force applied to the unit.

7. Background Brightness Can’t Be Adjusted

Some customers complain that the unit’s brightness is definitely too low as well as there’s no way to adjust it. This kind of can result in poor screen readability and even give headaches to some people or make them feel dizzy.

8. Flimsy

There are some complaints about a “poor build quality” and also suggestions that the unit breaks easily.

9. Poor PDF Support

Several customers complained about poor PDF support: poor conversion and also the screen being too small meant for PDFs.

10. Kindle 3 SO Issue

Several people are saying that the advertising used to describe the Kindle with Special Offers (SO) is certainly misleading. This specific is definitely a lower-priced Kindle with ads, that can become annoying to some.

11. Percentage Instead of Page Numbers

A few college students complained about the percentage indicator that Kindles use instead of page numbers. One person recommends purchasing a NOOK or Sony reader inste.
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Re: Kindle 3 SO Issue

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