I am looking forward to buy wow classic gold

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I am looking forward to buy wow classic gold

Messagepar yuandanzou » 15 Avr 2019, 04:52

I've played a Protection Paladin since I first joined wow classic gold 2 months after Burning Crusade first came out. I'd miss Vanilla WoW's greatest by a year, but I adored the Protection Paladins all the way up until Blizzard savagely raped them when Legion came out, and efficiently just ruined them in BfA.

And I know that R-word is very deep, and results in a lot of attention twitches, but you have to admit, they simply destroyed the Protection Paladins (I need my Crusader Strike back it, at least give me ... sniffle I miss Exorcism too).Content creator's have each right; most of them do so as a living. When it came down to watching some ads on a movie from a founder I like, or see no videos because they do not have enough funds to devote the quantity of time that it takes to assemble this superb video, I would happily take the advertisements. As Dylan said, something such as this takes A LOT of work and MadSeason deserves whatever support we can provide, even if he does not bring this up in his videos.

I am looking forward to buy wow classic gold except for Paladin. My god, this course is absolutely dull to playwith. Perhaps Consecration should you spec to it, forcing you to perform with a Healer should you would like to do PvE content. Protection Paladin is trash since you don't possess a taunt and Retribution is one of the worst DPS specs in WoW Classic.
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Re: I am looking forward to buy wow classic gold

Messagepar leesinna123 » 02 Mai 2019, 11:14

Please do as you like
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