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2 Mac Pro Set Up Question

Messagepar Braxton » 14 Mai 2018, 06:02


I have been running live stream events for my work for multiple years now. I am looking to upgrade our set up and make it better but I have a very specific question. In the past I have been running WireCast on a MacPro (trashcan) with a 3.7 6-core with 16g of ram. I am running five cameras through BlackMagic converters into the Thunderbolt ports as well as an audio mix board that goes USB. Because Wirecast is switching and encoding at the same time on one machine I find that I get a lot of dropped frames and loss of quality when I switch (with animated graphics and overlays and all sorts of other nifty stuff). My question is: How do I send the switching feed from the MacPro 5,1 to the MacPro trashcan for encoding? I also want to connect a pre-encode recorder so I can record the feed at the highest possible quality.

Please help.

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