Mac Pro power button and/or power supply problem

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Mac Pro power button and/or power supply problem

Messagepar Braxton » 19 Mai 2018, 08:50


Lately when I press the power button on my pro it will make a click sound, there will be a brief surge of power(the room lights always flicker when it starts up), but then I will hear another click and the computer fails to start. So far I can eventually get it to start(and have just been leaving it on lately, but I don't like doing that and it isn't always an option), but it can take many attempts and is getting worse. This occurred out of nowhere and I have no problems when it is running.I've reset the SMC and it doesn't help. Apple hardware test detects nothing.Is there a way to tell if it is an issue the power button, its circuit board, or the power supply? Is it something else?

Please help.

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