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One of the purest of all health supplements is also one of the most interesting. Deer velvet made from, naturally enough, deer antlers, has been prized as a health tonic by the Chinese for over 2,000 years. Modern research is now discovering what they already knew – that deer velvet aids in restoring, protecting and strengthening the body.

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How can Velvet from Deer Antlers Possibly Benefit the Human Body?

The term “velvet antler” arises from the rapid phase of antler growth that occurs in spring when the antlers are growing at a rate of up to 2 cm a day in some species. Deer antler velvet is cast in winter and grows again the following spring in a naturally renewable process. It is removed without causing harm to the deer making it the perfect resource to satisfy both environmentalists and animal activists.

The many benefits to the human and animal body come from the unique combination of essential amino acids, minerals (including selenium which is very rare), chondroitin and collagen. These occur naturally in deer antler velvet which is actually cartilage. These natural elements support the body’s immune system, aid in the production of red and white blood cells, help decrease inflammation and maintain healthy joint function and assist with strength and endurance.

This makes deer antler velvet a natural choice for athletes who often suffer stress injuries while training, and need something to speed their healing. This, in turn, helps to enhance performance as well as relieving stress and fatigue. Seniors also benefit from these products.
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