Boost algorithm for your "loot" process

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Boost algorithm for your "loot" process

Messagepar Mmoak2018 » 14 Mai 2018, 02:10

I've heard about the rumours that items that Maplestory2 Mesos drop from dinosaurs will only stay for 30 seconds rather than the normal 180 seconds (or somewhere around that I am not sure). Okay, okay. So assuming the standard duration was 180s, and assuming for this length you always kill mobs at the exact same rate, the maximum amount of items on the ground will be reduced to 30/180=1/6. Does this help in any way?

I frankly don't agree. Pet loot already lags while picking 10 items out of a total possible items on map of 20. It can depend on your hardware and community however.Regardless of if this so-called alternative fixes the loot lag, so everyone should agree that this is THE typical Nexon-approach of repairing problems: fix the issue on the surface, break every related AND unrelated components in game whilst significantly nerfing game experience. Think of everything they did to Kanna and Kishin recently.

Think of what they do if they nerf training maps since it was too popular, rather than buffing other unpopular/outdated maps so people are able to spread while not needing their exp gain rate decreased, reduce the exp necessary to reach to Lv200 since it's too hard to par with all the channels nerfed. Really? Here is the most dumb approach of every problem. Obviously balancing every maps from the game is impossible and impractical, so 1 map will probably always be better than others. Obviously Nexon will subsequently nerf that map.

Back to the topic. Assuming from gamers' experiences which you lag once you pick up items while there are a whole lot of items on the floor in the whole map, so I can only state that Nexon programmers just can't be bothered to actually write some good code, and only focus on incorporating more broken buggy contents.

Alright back to the subject again. Assuming from gamers' experiences that you lag when you pick up items while there are a whole lot of items on the floor in the entire map, I figure that the looting algorithm is the most fundamental one that everybody can consider: "yea just loop through all the items at the map and then do a collision detection with the pet, and if it collides, while still inside the loop deliver a request packet to the waiter that the pet is trying to pick up ONE thing".
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