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Police identified the assailant who rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians at Ohio State University on Monday and attacked them with a butcher knife http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/khris-davis/ , as student Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

"We can tell you the suspect is an OSU student," Craig Stone, police chief at the university, told a news conference at which officials released the name of the suspect, who was shot dead by police.

9 injured in Ohio attack Supsect shot dead by police 9 injured in Ohio attack 9 injured in Ohio attack

"We do not have information at the moment on motive http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/dennis-eckersley/ ," added Monica Moll, public safety director at the university, saying only that the investigation was ongoing.

US media reported earlier that the attacker was of Somali descent, but officials did not confirm that, and they did not yet know his exact age, saying only that they believe he was born in 1998.

A student of the same name was profiled in the August issue of student newspaper The Lantern http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/dave-henderson/ , for an article in which he spoke of the lack of Muslim prayer rooms on campus.

Artan, who was identified as a third-year transfer student studying logistics management, told the paper he was uncomfortable with how others might perceive him and was scared of praying on campus.

"If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/terry-steinbach/ ," he said.

Officials increased the tally of injured in Monday's attack to 11, from nine as earlier reported.

"We've had one additional victim who was hit by the car, who came in with some musculoskeletal injuries and is currently being assessed," said Andrew Thomas, the chief medical officer for the university's Wexner Medical Center, where some of the injured were being treated.

Officials said none of the injuries were life threatening.

Law enforcement relied on a network of surveillance cameras to identify the gray sedan used in the attack http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/rollie-fingers/ , Stone said.

"By tracking this vehicle, we could tell that the victim was in the car by himself," he said, adding that law enforcement did not believe any one else participated in the attack, but not ruling out the possibility that others might be involved.

Law enforcement said the investigation was ongoing, not yet offering any motive for the attack.

"We may never totally find out why this person did what they did or why they snapped http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/jose-canseco/ ," Ohio Governor John Kasich said.

The chaotic scene on the vast university campus, one of the largest in the US, unfolded throughout the morning, with alerts initially suggesting an active shooter on site and warning students and staff to shelter in place.

But the actual attack lasted mere minutes, officials said, with a responding officer fatal shooting the suspect. The officer was identified as 28-year-old Alan Harujko.

A number of vigils and gatherings were planned in and around campus. University officials cancelled classes and offered student and staff counselling.

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced cross-stitch stitcher http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/catfish-hunter/ , there are always new things you can learn to give your projects that increasingly polished look. But getting that professional look takes practice and skill, so here are three great tricks the professionals use to make their designs look better than the rest.

Great looking Front and Back:
When you begin cross-stitching one frustrating aspect of the craft is a backside of your fabric that looks like someone threw down a ball of multi-colored floss. Some cross-stitchers just resign themselves to the fact that the back of their fabric will never
look as good as the front while looking at those "neatnik" experts with envy. However, there are a few ways you can keep your back looking almost as nice as the front.

First, you can make extra effort to keep your stitches consistent. Use one method of stitching (English or Danish) throughout your whole piece. Using one method keeps the back of your piece looking as good as the front. Also, you can end your threads by weaving them under the same color. If there is not enough of that same color, try to weave it under a similar color in the back. Finally http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/mark-mcgwire/ , you can avoid carrying your threads at all. Just end them and restart.

Fabric that Lies Flat:
After using hoops or holding your fabric, wrinkles can become a bane of your stitching existence. They are difficult to get out of any cross-stitch fabric, but often they are inevitable.

You can use two methods to get the wrinkles out of your fabric, keeping it looking professional. You can use heat or cold to get out the wrinkles in your fabric. To use your freezer, you can simply wet the fabric along the folds then slip it into a paper bag so it can lie flat. Lie the piece as flat as possible in the freezer until it is frozen solid.

Remove it from the freezer and immediately iron it until it has thawed and dried out. Then let it rest overnight on the ironing board before moving it. Also, you can wet the folds in the fabric and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then iron it. Let the piece cool before you move it.

The Colonial Knot:
One frustration for many cross-stitchers is the French knot. It is a difficult knot to do without it unraveling or coming through the back of the fabric -- and forget all about using a delicate floss http://www.cheapmlbathleticsjerseys.com/glenn-hubbard/ , such as metallic. Many stitchers also complain that they can never get all the knots to look the same size on the fabric. However, there is an alternative that will give your work a prof.
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