separate radiocom systems?

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separate radiocom systems?

Messagepar breckjensen » 06 Déc 2017, 09:59


In a theatre we perform often the are 2 radiocom (BTR 800) linked together for 8 wireless channels ...our company has brought in another 8 channels and would like to integrate that to the existing systems when needed...Since the installed system is part of the house rack equipment, understandably the local production/tech director are not too keen in letting us do hardware hook ups in the back of their racks...can i use our system as a separate system with its own antennas although hooked up to chan A and B of the main house system?..

should i set the extra kits on the same group? i.e. 1A or 36A so everyone plays together nicely? or should i just treat it as different systems and use the comms system interface to connect them together while keeping our kit stand alone?

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