Connecting Pi to Mac Mini via Ethernet

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Connecting Pi to Mac Mini via Ethernet

Messagepar Braxton » 16 Mai 2018, 03:47


I recently bought a pi to play around with, and attempted to connect it to a relatively new PC monitor. The monitor wasn't able to detect the Pi. So I now have the Pi connected to a Mac Mini via ethernet, and I've tried various tutorials on how to ssh into from there. Every tutorial I've used doesn't state if the Pi they're using had Raspbian previously installed or of the Pi was new out of the box. Mine is new out of the box. I've read about connectivity problems via Pi and certain HDMI monitors, and I'd prefer to ssh anyway. Is what I'm trying to do possible? Connect a Pi via iOS ethernet before Raspbian has been installed? Or do I need to try hooking the Pi up to various TVs in the house to get it started?

Please help.

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