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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Tony Stewart is 20 pounds lighter and has a titanium rod in his surgically repaired right leg. As far as hes concerned, those are the only major changes since he broke two bones in his leg in an August sprint-car crash. So when the green flag drops Saturday night at Daytona International Speedway for his first race since the accident, Stewart believes it will be the same old "Smoke" behind the wheel. "Were not going to need a backup driver," boasted Stewart, who is scheduled to be in the race car for the first time Friday for 105 minutes of practice for the exhibition Sprint Unlimited. "I feel good enough that Im confident were not going to have to worry about anything," he added. "Weve planned for anything that we think might or could go wrong, and when I say go wrong, its not anything thats going to take us out of the race car. Its just a matter of making everything as comfortable as possible." Stewart has not raced in more than six months, an unheard of amount of time off for a driver who makes his money racing in NASCAR yet crisscrossed the country cramming 50 or more weeknight events into his year-round schedule. Six-time champion Jimmie Johnson isnt dismissing Stewarts chances of making a successful return. "Tonys a guy that when hes motivated, he can do anything," Johnson said. "And his motivation and desire to get in the car is probably higher than its been since he was a little kid, so it could be really dangerous for all of us, you know what I mean?" Last August, Stewart was leading with five laps remaining at Southern Iowa Speedway when a lapped car spun in front of him, causing Stewart to hit that car and flip several times. Stewarts time sidelined was certainly difficult, enhanced by the pain from his broken leg. He had two surgeries for the breaks, then a third to treat an infection. He was flat on his back, confined to the first-floor bedroom of his longtime business manager, where he was forced to lay with his leg elevated above his heart. When there was Stewart-Haas Racing business to address, team personnel did it at his bedside. Stewart required an ambulance to get to his doctor appointments, and when he finally was able to get out of bed, he needed a wheelchair to get around. And when Stewart -- a driver SHR vice-president of competition Greg Zipadelli referred to as "Superman" in the days after his accident -- finally made an appearance at the race track, it was on a motorized scooter. Nobody was comfortable seeing the three-time NASCAR champion so restricted. Many wondered if hed ever be the same. Not Stewart. "Right off the bat, the surgeon, the therapists, theyve all said, Youre going to have 100-per cent recovery," Stewart said. "With that, from Day 1, it took the doubt out." Any questions about getting back into a race car were erased, and Stewart turned his attention to his recovery. He wondered when hed be 100 per cent -- doctors have told him it will take a year, and he said this week his leg is only 65-per cent healed -- and when the pain would subside. He asked doctors if hed always have some sort of lingering pain, and he threw himself into a tough rehabilitation program. As he progressed and moved closer to Fridays practice sessions, his SHR team built a module that includes a seat, steering wheel, steering column and pedals so Stewart could sit and hold the pedal down for 20 minutes to simulate the pressure of having his foot on the throttle. New teammate Kevin Harvick ordered Stewart a special pad that hangs off the steering wheel that will prevent his knees from banging into the steering column. Now his peers wait to see how Stewart will drive. Harvick said they attended a sponsor appearance together this week and when they left, Stewart "was like a crazed lunatic. You could see that look in his eye. He looked at me and said, Im ready to ... race!" A driver who has excelled in races because of his ability to feel the car, some have wondered if the injury has taken that talent from Stewart. He doesnt believe the broken leg has robbed him of anything. "When you hear the quote, Its a seat-of-the-pants feel, you feel it in your core," he said. "Everything that is processed through your brain is between your core as far as feeling whats going on. Your hands and arm are feeling pressure in the steering wheel. But as far as from your legs down, youre not really feeling that sensation. Its more of what your brain is telling your legs to do. "If we had to have an area to have an injury, my right leg was probably the one." Denny Hamlin struggled all last season after missing five races with a fractured vertebra in his lower back. But Hamlin cited Stewarts superior talent as reason why Stewart wont have similar issues. Denzel Perryman Jersey .com) - The Toronto Maple Leafs will try to play spoiler as the Los Angeles Kings will try to match their longest winning streak in over four years in Thursdays battle at Staples Center. Joe Barksdale Jersey . After falling 5-0 on home ice in a game that could have tied them for second in the wild card standings, Washington head coach Adam Oates had some strong words for Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin. http://www.chargersprofansshop.com/Blac ... 96.Tatjana Haenni, FIFAs head of womens competitions, told a FIFA Live Your Goals Tour news conference Friday that the artificial turf is being tested to make sure it meets standards. Craig Mager Jersey . Murray beat Sam Querrey 7-6 (5), 6-7 (3), 6-1, 6-3 to clinch Britains opening-round victory against the United States on Sunday at Petco Park. "Im proud of the way Im playing just now, because I had to do a lot of work to get back to where I want to be," Murray said after celebrating with his teammates on the red clay court in a temporary stadium in left field of the downtown home of baseballs San Diego Padres. Jason Verrett Jersey . Bjoerndalen, who had failed to win any major race for two years before Sochi, writes in a Facebook entry that he is "full of energy and inspiration" after winning the 10-kilometre sprint and mixed relay at last months Olympics.5) When Jose Bautista hits a three-run homer to support the shutout pitching of Marcus Stroman, dont you have to forget the playoff chances for a minute and smile if youre a Jays fan?6) Can you name the least popular NFL team after the first week of the season? Well, of course you can. Its the Chicago Bears, the team whose overtime loss to the Buffalo Bills eliminated countless participants in so-called "suicide pools". And many of those "one-loss-and-out" guessing games would have lost the bulk of their membership if the Jacksonville Jaguars had held on to beat the Philadelphia Eagles after opening a 17-0 lead. Picking winners in the NFL is fun if you dont mind losing.7) This was supposed to be the NFL season that wondered where parity went. I heard many predictions of a few Super Bowl contenders head and shoulders above the rest. Well, hows that going? In Sports Illustrateds NFL preview edition, probable division winners were listed as follows: NE, BALT, INDY, DEN, PHIL, GB, TB, SEA. Only three of those teams (DEN, PHIL, SEA) won their opening games.8) Who should be favoured to win the World Series? The Los Angeles Angels have the best record, but what does that mean? I guess it means you have to pick the Angels.9) Do I dare refer to the upcoming Toronto Argos-Calgary Stampeders game as a "Grey Cup preview"? 10) What did you say when you saw last Fridays CFL score: BC Lions 7 Ottawa REDBLACKS 5? "Who scored the empty-net goal"? (To be fair, the CFLs lowest-scoring game of the season was followed, one night later, by its highest-scoring game: Calgary 41 Edmonton 34).11) When the calibre of play in the CFL is shabby, it is always tempting to wonder about the talent at the quarterback position. Thats usually too easy an answer, but you cant feel good about the CFLs entertainment level when Darian Durant and Travis Lulay are hurt, can you?12) Hows this for a quote? Jason Spezza, looking forward to the 2014-2015 NHL season as a member of the Dallas Stars: "Im probably as excited as Ive ever been". What the heck, Jason, take the plunge and drop "probably". 13) Which is more interesting - FIFA president Sepp Blatter wanting video challenges to come to soccer, or no one being willing to challenge Blatter as he seeks his fifthh, four-year term as FIFA president?14) Yet again, we wonder if Milos Raonic can win at one of tennis major events.dddddddddddd Doesnt Marin Cilics win over Kei Nishikori at the US Open make the answer obvious? Why not? (Hard to watch, wasnt it, although I stepped out of the room and missed most of it). 15) Im not sure what to call Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson - Ill stop short of "hero", but shouldnt we applaud him for doing the right thing? He voluntarily released the 2012 email in which he discussed and compared white and black fans. He criticized himself and took issue with his views and his lack of action to change them in himself and others. He is making sure he causes no further problems for the NBA by willingly selling his share of the Hawks. Hes not Donald Sterling. Hes what Donald Sterling might have resembled if Sterling had been interested in doing the right thing. 16) If I take Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White and Devin Hester of the Atlanta Falcons and ask you to find a better combination of quarterback and wideouts in the NFL, Ill win, wont I? (Ill admit Im front-running by offering Ryans club-record 448 yards passing from Sundays OT win over New Orleans as evidence). 17) If you care to make it a quarterback and one wideout and take Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions, youll win, right?18) While there is no evidence that Stephane Quintal cant do the job as well as, or better than his predecessor Brendan Shanahan, dont you get the feeling the NHL looked for and couldnt find a more prominent choice to mete out its discipline?19) There has been nothing more difficult to understand than Major League Baseballs attempt to create new rules for plays at home plate. Could I try to make things simple? In the past, the runner was allowed to crash into the catcher, hitting him hard enough to dislodge the ball from his glove. New rule? Collisions are no longer allowed. The runner must slide or attempt to evade a catchers tag. What other wording is necessary?20) Do I have to justify this weeks 20th question, other than to say it is dedicated to BarDowns most recent band of choice, and mine? On Friday, I will be at my fourth Arkells concert in eight nights, so Ill sign off by asking "How great are the Arkells"? Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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