MacOS mouse issues

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MacOS mouse issues

Messagepar breckjensen » 22 Déc 2017, 09:00


I am unable to play because the mouse clicks do not register. The mouse cursor does not appear in game, when I move the cursor the (system?) cursor appears but while clicking produces the sound effect it does not register in the game. If I navigate in game by pointing with the mouse and selecting with the keyboard, the reticule is stuck in the middle. Moving the mouse causes the cursor to jump back and forth quickly between the center and the actual cursor location.

When this happens the controls overlay flickers back and forth between keyboard and controller button display, even though I don't have the controller connected. I have tried turning off the steam overlay without result. Unfortunately I am also affected by the MacOS PS3 controller left trigger (thrust) bug so this makes the game completely unplayable.

Please Help.


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