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A head on crash is very severe when compared to other types of highway crashes. It takes just a few seconds for vehicles moving at highway speed to cross the median and collide with the vehicles from the other side of the lane. Median barriers are effective in separating the opposing traffic streams of a road physically. It also helps to stop vehicles moving into the opposite lane accidentally and to avoid pedestrians crossing the road at risky places. In 2006 there were 821 median cross over accidents that resulted in fatalities on U.S National highway system alone.

The factors that influence the selection of a barrier system are the type of the vehicles involved Laurent Depoitre Coupe du monde Maillot , roadway geometry and the potential severity of any head on crash incident. In most locations a standard barrier capable of redirecting the vehicles to the right area would suffice. However, in locations with complex geometry Dedryck Boyata Coupe du monde Maillot , adverse environmental conditions, heavy truck traffic and high traffic volumes and speeds Mousa Dembele Coupe du monde Maillot , a barrier with high performance is necessary.

There are basically three categories of median barriers. They are detailed below,

Rigid barriers

The most common type of the median barrier in use today is the concrete barriers.


- They are widely used because of their maintenance free characteristics Thorgan Hazard Coupe du monde Maillot , low life cycle cost and safety performance.
- They are very effective in avoiding vehicle crossover collision on accident prone regions with high traffic volumes and speed.
- They can also be used in areas where the required median widths to install other types of barriers is not available.

- Jersey barrier is a modular concrete barrier that allows the vehicles to collide on its lower slopped face, pivoting it back in its original direction.

- Comparatively the installation cost of rigid barriers is high.

Semi rigid barriers

It is otherwise called as guardrail or guiderail. These rails are made of metals and they are collected in segments supported by posts or blocks.


- Unlike rigid barriers Divock Origi Coupe du monde Maillot , semi rigid barriers are designed to absorb more energy from the impact and the entire assembly move or deflect during the crash. Hence, lesser damage to the vehicle.
- Installation cost is less.


- They are only suitable in the areas that are not sloppy and have good soil condition.
- The cost of the repair following an impact is high.

Cable barriers

Typically it consists of multiple cables that are connected to each other in a series of posts.


- It is the most versatile and forgiving barrier system in minimizing the median crossover crashes. This absorbs most of the energy of the impact and reduces the forces exerted on the vehicles and its occupants.


- Considerable time and cost must be spent maintaining Steven Defour Coupe du monde Maillot , endangering motorists and workers during each repair.

The other factors that are considered before deciding the barrier type are road alignment, crash history and the number of lanes. Writing dissertation proposal is very significant step in entire academic assignment and pupils must do this task successfully if they are involved to attain their last degree. A proposal is method of ensuring their potential to do the research for wide writing task and gets to feel about the subject they have selected if it has enough possible to be researched on. Therefore it can strongly be thought that writing dissertation proposal is the filtration method to allow the students to finish the project on their personal and make all of them as strong author and researcher.
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