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Selection of the best team is the pinnacle of the system and Selection of the best team is very imperative to the betting point of view in a football game for the reason that the which we are selecting for the bet purpose should work in this thing otherwise no meaning of punter’s hard work so this is why we have to pay all the attention for this region and have to make it right.

Selection of two teams.

Initially we have to select two best teams are playing at home that we are sure are going to win and at this point we want to make clear that we are interested in all the games which are going to be played on Saturday and now we have to follow one by one following steps .

First all of be ready with pen and paper and look at the weekend list which you gained from your bookies and Wright down the list of all home teams that falls into the brackets of odds we are interested and the odds you can be find odds to the left of the team that appears first on the coupons for the home teams and we are interested in the home teams which appeared in the following odds.

815 - 813 - 811 - 710 - 610 - 47 - 46 - 45 - 56 - 1011

Now find the selection of the paper that is called the expert choice in the sequence table in this paper you will get a prediction of the 10 football experts it will be too small but don’t take tension it will be there only and they have a choice of picking a home win Charles Tapper Jersey , draw or away win and experts' predictions are tailed and it will be displayed in the table and we will be interested in the team which will score 8 or more in home section and write the following scores in your table.

next to your previously selected teams and strike a line through the teams that scores under as we are no longer interested in these teams now you have to put 10 points for 10 scores in the table and 9 for 9 scores in the table and 8 for 8 scores in the table .No need to check the form of remaining teams so we have to again use race and football outlook .

Analysis of remaining teams

This analysis will be split into the two forms first we have to analyze home team forms form over the last 6 games and second is their opponent's team performance over the last six games .You will get the result in trouble about the performance of these teams but first use home team.

and award 3 points for the win 1 for draw and 0 for a loss .In next step opponents turn now you have to award 3 points for winning ,1 for draw and ,0 for the loss and the table will populate the two types of figures for home team and for away teams .By using this way you can analyze the home team and away team and can take a good decision .

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