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THE HAGUE Eli Harold Jersey , Oct. 2 (Xinhua) -- Ajax coach Frank de Boer blamed Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson for awarding AC Milan a penalty in injury-time of the Champions League match in Amsterdam on Tuesday.

After Stefano Denswil gave Ajax a 1-0 in the 90th minute, referee Eriksson pointed at the penalty spot for a foul of Ajax defender Mike van der Hoorn on Mario Balotelli. The latter converted the penalty himself in the 94th minute (1-1).

"What Balotelli did, was like a judo throw. I think it was an ippon," De Boer stated afterwards. "Maybe the referee could have given a penalty to Milan earlier in the match, but this was certainly no penalty."

De Boer acknowledged that Van der Hoorn started holding Balotelli first Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , after seeing the TV images. "They had very slight contact, but after that Balotelli pulls him back with both hands," De Boer said. "A ridiculous action. The fifth official should have seen that, this was no penalty."

"I still don't believe it," Van der Hoorn reacted. "I thought we would get a free-kick. Of course the shirts were moving on TV Arik Armstead Jersey , because I tried to hold off Mario Balotelli."

De Boer admitted the draw was after all deserved, with Ajax being the better side in the first half and Milan in the second.

"We did quite well, but it's a bit disappointing that we came out of the dressing room and started the second half a bit poorly," he said. "Milan's main threat was from their roaming strikers."

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri told the match went according to plan.

"The team did what I asked in the first half," he said. "We tried to control them when they were running at us and then strike in the second half when Ajax were tired. Unfortunately we made a mistake in our marking on that corner and we conceded in our best period of the game."

FC Barcelona DeForest Buckner Jersey , which beat Celtic 1-0 in Glasgow, top Group H with six points, two ahead of Milan, five ahead of Ajax, while Celtic are still pointless. The next matches in Group H will be on October 22: AC Milan against FC Barcelona and Celtic at home versus Ajax.

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