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Just picked up a Mac SE

MessagePublié: 16 Déc 2017, 08:36
par breckjensen

Just picked up a really well cared for SE/30. It had not been powered on in a few years, and the first time I powered it up, I heard the fan, pretty sure I heard the hard drive, did not hear any beep. It went to the screen with the question mark diskette. Powered it down, waited 10 seconds, powered it back up and this time the hard drive must have properly worked, because it went to the desktop screen. I was able to click on a few programs and it seemed to all work very well. Still never heard a chime though.

So I'm planning on opening it up to have a look around, maybe as soon as tonight. I'm wondering what I should be keeping an eye out for, in terms things I should check on that may cause problems. I've read that there are potential problems with battery leaks, and that some capacitors seem to be very susceptible to exploding. Outward appearances of this unit look great, and I'd like to keep the inside looking great to.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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