Several issues with Simplify3D 4.0 on OS X

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Several issues with Simplify3D 4.0 on OS X

Messagepar breckjensen » 11 Nov 2017, 11:14


During prints, S3D 4.0 completely bogs down my system. I get multi second typing lag in all applications, although CPU is low (10-20%-ish), memory pressure is low (all green, 2gb+ shown as free), disk IO is low, even ethernet has next to no activity (no idea how to find out about GPU load). No idea what it's even doing, but it renders my relatively capable Macbook Pro Retina 13" almost unusable. This gets worse and worse over the duration of a print, barely noticable at the start and up to 10s typing lag near the end after about 2hrs, and instantly stops once the print is finished. No such issues at all with 3.1.1. This was present before I disabled App Nap too, so it's most likely not related to that.
Live preview updates very infrequently, sometimes just about twice a minute (update interval is set to 5.0s, I tried 0.5s which i usually use, but that didn't change a thing). Also, it doesn't start with an empty build plates, but shows the first layer(s) as if they were already done. Works flawlessly on 3.1.1. Perhaps there's a connection between that and the performance issues?

Please help.


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