2 BUGs to fix /Benders

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2 BUGs to fix /Benders

Messagepar breckjensen » 13 Nov 2017, 10:17


This happened 3 times to me (both as Benders' player and as Benders' opponent) so I'm definitely sure that those are bugs to fix:

When Benders steal Legions of the Dead they are able to play it on their summoner. This is weird as the card states "Ret-talus gains...."

Talu+Kalu: when the second twin dies for their link, both Magic points were awarded to my opponent. As stated in the Official FAQ I would have had to receive the second one.

Please fix them both

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

https://www.plaidhatgames.com/sum_forum ... ix-Benders

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