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Messagepar breckjensen » 13 Nov 2017, 10:19


How many players would be interested in a league where 4 man teams play one other team per week? Each team would designate their number 1-4 players, the number 1 match would count as 3 points the #2 match would count as 2 points the 3 and 4 matches would count as 1 point each. So each member of each team would only play 1 match per week. We would pause during any major tournament. I would like to start the second week of January or later if we need. We would play an 8-10 game schedule, then playoffs. On the schedule one team would be designated as home the other away. Away teams must declare their 1-4 first. This would be much easier to handle than a five for fighting. You only have 1 match to play all week. I would be willing to purchase a perpetual trophy we could pass around each year or season. Any interest?

Please help.


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