Maybe you accept been cerebration of Welding Equipment

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Maybe you accept been cerebration of Welding Equipment

Messagepar LindaLi » 29 Déc 2016, 02:20

Have you apparent the Welding Equipment apparatus that Longevity advertises?

Maybe you accept been cerebration of affairs one of these Chinese Tig Welders but you accept been apprehensive if they are any acceptable at all?

The actualization of Longevity 160 amp multi-process welders are affectionate of impressive: 160 amps, adeptness to tig band aluminum, can aswell be acclimated as a claret cutter and stick welder...Wow!

A acceptable Miller, Lincoln, or Thermadyne Tig Welder Inverter will bulk you able-bodied over 3000 dollars by the time you get all the added adjustment food you charge like bottom pedal, tig torch, flowmeter, arena catch and all.

Longevity welders do not accept some of the avant-garde actualization like A/C waveshaping that the Miller Dynasty 200DX and The Lincoln Invertec v205t have, but the basal actualization in actuality are similar...and you deceit use the Miller or the Lincoln as a claret cutter.

So it is absolute arresting if you see a Chinese Tig Welder that will aswell do claret acid and stick welding, advertised for about 750 dollars with all the accessories included.

What? 750 dollars? That is like one fourth the bulk of a Miller or Lincoln A/C DC tig welder.

So you alpha apprehensive to yourself, Is a Lincoln or Miller tig welder 4 times better? Am I paying for a name? That's a lot of money for just a name.

I spent the endure several hours searching on internet forums, adjustment websites, and eBay acknowledgment letters and assumption what? The board is still out on Clamshell Packaging Machine. You can acquisition acceptable reviews, bad reviews, and alloyed reviews on Chinese tig welders. A lot of the reviews I apprehend were about how the chinese tig welder accustomed somewhat non-functional and damaged in addition and that a chump buzz abutment alarm was all it took for the abutment aggregation to allocution the client through acclimation a apart connection.
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