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But you still get a Commercial Treadmill

MessagePublié: 20 Mars 2017, 22:11
par LindaLi
There are a number of great Commercial Treadmill that will do double duty as both a treadmill (where you can walk on an incline, run or try a built-in workout) and as a desk (where you can slow down and walk while you work on a computer). Both Nordictrack and Proform make some great models here.

If you don't care about "working out" and just want to walk, then you may want more of a walking workstation (Lifespan makes some good ones in this category).

The speeds are limited so you can't run. And there are no incline options. But you still get a solid, well-cushioned treadmill decks with large workspace.

You can buy an add-on desk that will hold your laptop, phone, pens papers etc. A popular desk option here is the Trekdesk. It fits over most treadmills and - while a bit bulky - does give you a very large working area.

The only downside is that these can be a bit expensive (around $500) and they do take up a lot of space. There are other desks on the market similar to the Trekdesk and new ones are coming out every year.

Also, depending on your Treadmill Factory, be aware that these desks can sometimes block your console - or part of the console - and the handrests. So it creates a bit of a tradeoff between watching your workout stats vs having a desk space.

Re: But you still get a Commercial Treadmill

MessagePublié: 12 Jan 2018, 02:59
par potucim
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