Don't understand why Windows does this

Problèmes, WTF!?

Don't understand why Windows does this

Messagepar breckjensen » 23 Déc 2017, 08:44


I recently loaded Windows 7 and you know when you click on the Start button and in the panel that comes into view right above that you see your programs that you added?

Well I right-clicked the Start button and hit Properties and unchecked both boxes under Privacy. Because I didn't want Windows to keep track of and show a program or file I just recently opened.But what it does is it completely wipes out your programs. Now there is nothing there. You're looking at a completely blank gray panel. I've yet to figure this out.

I've uploaded a screenshot of what it does.

I don't get this. And how do I get my entries back?

Please Help.


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Our little ship has reappeared as dawn breaks, "faltering and lapsing / on the pink flood". As hilarious as it is, it a total waste of time and character. The year before he was a first team all pro. "Look, at some point, Democrats have to decide whether they love this country more than they hate this president," Sanders said, thus equating support for the president's nominee with patriotism..

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It been proven many, many times that human beings develop a degree of lactose intolerance (all of them, yes) after two years of age. There were a few people there that knew absolutely dick about oly lifting. Those who lack long term vision and stamina should never be allowed to manage resources and talents.

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Good luck, it probably be incredibly hard at first, but keep going! Eventually it will be some of best feelings and memories you have! 5 points submitted 1 year ago. Many people have strong feelings about this genre, and it's one that most people seem to either love or hate.

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Japanese ports were damaged by tsunamis from the last Cascadia quake in 1700. I mean anything. Urban Outfitters, Staples, Dick's (DKS) and Men's Wearhouse/Jos. Don't get me wrong; board games are not easy to make. Add the chicken wings to the hot sauce and butter mixture.

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Yeah, time. I never learned how to flirt because I don talk to anyone unless I know them pretty well. Clayton insists that most detainees aren't there because they can't pay bail, but because the judge has placed them on "other holds" for violating probation or a pending charge in another jurisdiction.

But the persistent Elting doubled Beasley's current salary, and in no time Beasley and wife Audrey were off to the well manicured grounds of the Indian Hill Club of Winnetka, Illinois, where Beasley reinvented himself as a teaching pro.. An era when we as kids woke up early on Saturday mornings to watch our favorite cartoons.

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I've been stuck in the 15 14 range with my budget Tempo Rogue deck, so I bought some packs and ended up with enough dust to finally craft Edwin. "It was almost like a blur to me, it was almost like a dream, sort of surreal," Piazza said at the time.

My reaction time is doubled (with my aim becoming worse) against people who already have disgusting aim and reaction times that are better than mine even if I was sober.iamdougiescoffee 4 points submitted 25 days agoI barely working 8 hours a week as a guitar teacher, which is not even enough to live on.

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An apatheist would say debating gods existence is irrelevant and not worth your time whereas an agnostic would simply conclude that there is not an answer. (Basically these are "shotgun weddings" that sometimes happen when redneck/religious parents discover that a guy got their girl pregnant and then hold a shotgun to him saying marry her or else)..

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This trend has people who drink only Fair Trade coffee, run their homes on solar power and can tell you how to convert your old diesel Volvo to run on vegetable oil pushing their driving skills to the limits. The answer to your first question hinges on the your second question.

He hits home runs that don't just clear the outfield fence, but travel so far past the fence that people can hardly believe what they just saw with their own two eyes. I was good at cards, good at cheating cards. Then it is just various variations those two which have virtually no difference between themselves.

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I been interviewed for MLM before, luckily once the interviewer lady mentioned your own boss and various other trickle down earnings related talk, I knew what it was. Yeah I'm throwing it. When you first begin your search for your wedding playlist, it seems like it will be a very easy quest.

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My dream for our family H always been, they'd gro up or they'd find someone they could be happy with, and that they would no think they were enti, that theuld work, and that they would then turn arou and give back to the count cause they' so lucky. To be on the safe side, I would suggest using plain satin or something similar, particularly for a first attempt..

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In this era, the architects began to make curving facades, and used the double curve on many different buildings.. Whatever. Colts They landed guard Quenton Nelson at No. The token is a unit of account for attention. Not unexpectedly, the SJ was the performance champion of the Grand Prix line.

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Like the ladder match, the stakes were high here, but for a different reason. It's from the app good rx. Brochs may have been used as castles or may have been places for people and animals to live. I like to think I made more sense than a Ray Lewis speech, but I had my less than spectacular speeches..

Do you support the war in Yemen. The winery offers free tours and tastings of its other wines, and you can also sample wine made from cherries, the area's other bounty.. Horrible. This is investing. Heard mixed reviews on Sacco in Boston but I sure some teams are callingI can speak for Shawn, but personally I think it really comes down to what the front office true plans are.

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While the world may celebrate those they've deemed as 'saints' (who have passed on, no less), I celebrate the living God with the living saints (followers of Christ)! While Catholicism embraced pagans and their practices in order to grow their members, that and their ongoing violation of the second commandment tell me NOT to follow them down that road.

But all is not lost! On this page you can also vote for the website you like the most, and at the bottom of this hub you can add your own favorites to the list. Tonight the stupts, men and women, figuring out away to strip away student loans and high tuition.

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However, the Sony WH10002X have better ANC, better controls, more balanced sound. You can often get these in special little travel packs, and there is no reason not to get one. In ME1 3 I found myself speeding through the gameplay to get to the next cutscene or character dialog.

Nothing about the defender's intent or where the defender might have been aiming is factored in, under the rules. Bedding is a lot like clothing: You have a wide range of options in a few different fabrics. Just tell us they emotions at your feeling right now Mary.

They were singing. Say what you will about CMLL's ability to elevate young stars but when they go for it, they get it right. Consider this the first of what will likely be several junctures at which you don agree on what you want to do with your life you old enough now to make your own choices, but you then have to accept that if they don accept your choices, you on your own to make them happen.

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It was just weeks ago that Anissa's sentencing came first. Has chilly relations with California to the west, mainly over water rights and Hoover Dam. 10 Manga Like Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)by Cheeky Kid10 months agoThis list compiles the manga like Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn).

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It should protect citizens from crimes against themselves or their property. If you push down too quickly, you'll end up with your legs extended too far as I mentioned earlier. Aqui unos dias son los mas orgullosos independientes pero otros dias son los mas necesitados.

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"Those are way healthier than a mini quiche or the typical fried appetizers.". "Off the top of my head, I can think of maybe two of our guys that were left handed. Barry had become relatively poor since leaving his first wife and family and virtually cutting himself off from his wealthy father, Jersey's location and climate seemed perfect for such a talented artist.
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The International Skating Union, which monitors the sport, did not respond to calls or emails for comment. We have no salary related leverage whatsoever. Then it happened again, I quickly turned, tapped my sister on the shoulder, low and behold the guy behind me was swaying back and fourth singing along to Margaritaville with his tiny pecker out pissing on me.

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We are loosing the qualities that made this country prosperous through hard work, and competitiveness in the workforce. I, on the other hand, want to know what happens before the cards are dealt, when people are in a state of suspension awaiting their fate..

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Plenty of other people were on the same threads saying Luke was gonna win only difference is they got upvoted. That's the science that inspired the father of kinesiology taping, Japanese chiropractor Dr. With my thirty students, it leaves about seven or eight students in my groups.

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Click the bottom box to add your name, or any other subtitle that you choose. I don't even wait. There does character asks. Even for veteran players, that huge. Damn that really sounds tricky. So instead of saying "we know who did this because we were warned here here and here", they save face and say they found their passports at the scene.I'm not positive that's the case.

they don't make those anymore. The channel disappeared from Dish (DISH)'s lineup shortly after midnight Eastern time Sunday because Dish's contract to carry Fox News expired before it could be renewed. In jouw geval weet ik niet zeker, of je al een Nederlandse spaarrekening of beleggingsrekening kunt openen.

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And while it sounds like the guy room in this case doesn have this problem, there are plenty of such rooms where if you removed the door there would be a clear view of the urinals from the hall.. And so that's money would telling that story and to release where this.

Went a put his car into a tree sideways. Samsung definitely intended on people being able to use the phone around water if they want.. Luckily, it goes away with ejaculation or just time. Think of it as a digitial sculpture tool. You will have to check its alignment and notice if there are any changes.
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I submitted a clip of roxxy and I playing vs the curse guys + a few randoms in a pug match. With any culture or any religion that isn't perceived as normal in the United States are constantly trying to find a line between. I guessing you just assumed his "ethics violations" were him bringing 6 different teenage girlfriends to his courthouse, right?.

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You can find the different sections on the left and at the top. I understand why they did this. Great. Once you have an account, you will be taken to your dashboard (please then check your email to verify your account using the link sent to you). Back in high school a couple years ago I knew a girl who died at a party by falling and cracking her head, yes there were drugs and alcohol there.

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Much to the frustration of officials, the documents would come back from Mbeki with lots of sticky notes asking for clarity and making suggestions. He has received regular call ups and occasional starting assignments since making his senior debut 15 months ago and carries a strong case for inclusion on Coach Oscar Ramirez's 23 man final list next month..

As of now, significant side effects of microcurrent therapy are not documented. I seen a few 3d movies because I didn have a non 3d option, and I always bothered by it. Listen man, this shit will get cracked in the end like all the others. Corey Seager struck out on four pitches, flailing helplessly at an outside fastball, and Justin Turner flew out to center to end the inning.

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