iMovie Help - Projects exporting titles and audio, no video

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iMovie Help - Projects exporting titles and audio, no video

Messagepar Braxton » 19 Mai 2018, 08:52


Like the subject says. I just started using iMovie, and as simple as it is to use, I'm having some strange issues with it.I'm using a Flip Video Ultra video recorder, and importing AVI clips from the camera via USB. I then import the AVI's into iMovie by dragging/dropping into the Event Library. I'm able to add the video to a project, add titles at the beginning and end, tweak things as I like and preview the movie in iMovie all day long. However, when I export it, either straight to YouTube, or via QuickTime or iTunes, I get the same thing - I see a black screen with the titles, I hear the audio, but no video whatsoever except the titles, both beginning and end.I've watched all the iMovie tutorials and read everything I can find, and far as I can tell I'm doing everything right.Any ideas?

Please help.

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