Say it well, "One day is in the morning

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Say it well, "One day is in the morning

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Say it well, "One day is in the morning, and one year is in spring." Morning is the best of the day, and we must make full use of these times Marlboro Red 100S.orning of the campus is the testimony that best reflects our use of time.n the Tiandi Experimental Primary School in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Marlboro Gold, the book is screaming.e younger brothers in the lower grades, the younger sisters are straight and straight Newport 100S, holding a colorful and colorful language in their hands. They read a language document with milk and stand in front of the podium. They are reading the text intently!he small garden on campus, a girl is sitting on a stone bench and reading an extracurricular book. There are a group of little boys on the side who are catching bugs and asking them why. They said they are going to prepare for the common sense class! the playground, some senior boys are practicing basketball and exercising! There are also some girls who are practicing skipping Marlboro Cigarettes, and they say that this will make their sports performance better! There is also a group of girls practicing long jumps in the corner of the playground Carton Of Marlboro Reds. The most intense situation is running. The younger sisters of other grades are racing 200 meters! teachers are printing the exercise volumes we have made, and some teachers are giving us approval to go home yesterday. There are also some teachers who are mostday is in the morning, how colorful the morning of the campus!
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