The hometown is in the countryside

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The hometown is in the countryside

Messagepar ylq123 » 05 Juil 2018, 22:27

The hometown is in the countryside, there is no city hustle and bustle, no city is magnificent, but it still attracts me.n the endless fields, countless seedlings are playing, reflecting the meandering streams, whispering. In the afternoon, a few Hanging on the wheat, they danced easily; hanging on the treetops, they floated lightly; hanging in the country world Newport Cigarettes Coupons, we accepted their feeding. At night, the door world is dark, and the only red lanterns radiate brilliance. I feel that the lights are bright at the moment. The ancient tree is also quite interesting to talk about the playful words Marlboro Red, and the mountains should be with you, the scene is really beautiful, full of vitality. I am in the courtyard, there is no noise, the red lanterns are smashing their eyes Marlboro Lights, the little hairy children who don��t understand the world stare at me, the breeze blows back and forth, I have a feeling that I can��t tell you--like The feeling of a paradise Parliament Cigarettes.Tick--arrival--" it rained again, and the rain came fierce. Hit the wheat, the wheat was afraid to pull down the head; hit the treetops, and the branches immediately horrified. The piece of bamboo forest in front of me is not at the moment Marlboro Gold, "silk--" sounds. At this time, mountains, water, wheat, bamboo... painted a beautiful picture. The rain accompanies it, the wind dances with it, a lively world!e weather is fine and the earth is bright. Sadness, uneasiness, irritability... All are washed away, and the re-owned is the joy and refreshment from the heart. Although the scenery of the home is ordinary, it does not have a rustic flavor.
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