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Heredis app for iOS

Messagepar crowek » 20 Juin 2018, 06:55


It seems that an update to the Heredis app that I think some of you use for iphone and ipad is causing a big problem. It appears to be no longer possible to import a gedcom file by email or itunes. Over the last few years I have done this a number of times to update the data on my ipad. I use it to show family members and as an aide memoire when I'm in an Archive. It never was a problem until now. The gedcom file starts to load and then the app crashes. Open it again and the title of the file is there but no people in it! I have found comments from people on the Apple app review, the Heredis website forums and the Heredis Facebook page. Sadly there is little or no reaction from Heredis itself! Anyone else have the problem? Anyone found a solution before I delete it and look for an alternative?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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