Buy iphone 7 ?

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Buy iphone 7 ?

Messagepar breckjensen » 23 Nov 2017, 07:31


However, I also plan to keep the phone for at least 3 years. For normal use (basic phone stuff, with normal usage internet browsing and youtube, regular but not heavy photograpy) can I expect this already 1 year old model to last me that long?

I am particularly thinking of the much talked about issue of older iPhones slowing down with each new iOS update. From my experience with Android I have come to believe that it is probably the installing of a new OS on an already cluttered memory that slows things down. I always wipe the phone first, then update to the new OS, and make fresh installs of my apps. I have never had performance issues this way.

Should I expect the same with iPhone 7 when it eventually upgrades to iOS 12, 13, and 14?

While screen size is important I am also interested in a possible new update to the iPhone SE rumoured to be coming in Q1 2018. Screen size notwithstanding do you think it’s better to get that newer model, rather than a 1 year old 7 ?

Please help.


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