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iPhone 7 apple logo reboots every 3 seconds

MessagePublié: 29 Nov 2017, 07:09
par breckjensen

iPhone 7 apple logo reboots every 3 seconds after simcard along with gevey been removed after been stuck into sim reader.

A technician remove the tray along with the gevey and sim when the phone was on which it shouldnt had been that that way, the phone should be off
I guess thats what causes the problem, he check the sim reader if its damage but the sim reader is ok, he disconnected the battery for 10 minutes then reconnect and its the same apple logo stuck and rebooting issue after 3 seconds.
I restored the phone through itunes it restored successfully and its the same problem, Any suggesstions?

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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