49ers' Garoppolo debuts after hit to Beathard

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49ers' Garoppolo debuts after hit to Beathard

Messagepar linlybest » 08 Déc 2017, 04:03

CLEVELAND, Ohio The Browns have signed former Dolphins defensive tackle wholesale jerseys China to a two year worth almost $8 million.

Starks, 31, who was released by the Dolphins last week, was due to make $5 million this season, but became expendable when the club signed Ndamukong Suh.

In 15 starts last season, Starks recorded 4.5 sacks and 28 tackles. A Pro Bowler in 2010 and 2012, he spent the past seven seasons in Miami and the previous four in Tennessee, where he was a third round pick out of Maryland.

"I'm excited cheap jerseys to sign with the Browns because I like what they are building," Starks said in a Browns release. "I think they are going to become a good team. I like what I heard from the coaching staff and the interest they took in me.

"An attacking and aggressive defensive scheme is one that suits me and I think I can be very successful in this type of system. Karlos Dansby had really great things to say about the coaching staff and he's a guy that I'm looking forward to playing with again."

Starks is expected to challenge immediately for a starting role in the Browns' 3 4 hybrid scheme. Starks helps make up for the loss of Ahtyba Rubin, who's an unrestricted free agent.

"Randy is a durable, instinctive and productive interior lineman that should bring solid depth to our rotation," Browns coach Mike Pettine said. "His sack numbers are high for a guy that plays on the wholesale jerseys inside. He uses his hand very well and we look forward to him being a reliable and steady addition to our defensive line."

Starks joins several other released free agents the Browns have signed, including receiver Brian Hartline and quarterback Josh McCown.

The club is also in the process of trying to sign released Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe, who visited on Saturday and Sunday.

Starks should help shore up the Browns' 32nd ranked run defense.

"Randy is a seasoned veteran defensive lineman that has performed consistently well over time," General manager Ray Farmer said. "He can bang in the run game but also has the ability to affect the passer. He's a versatile player that has played in different fronts. We like what he brings to the table and think he can help us win games."
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