Warcraft 3 LAN problems

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Warcraft 3 LAN problems

Messagepar ricardobrooks » 10 Août 2018, 04:32


There is a grand total of 3 computers on the network at home, the two involved in this problem are both winxp machines. I decided to let the D-Link router/switch thingy manage dhcp for me, but it always gives us the same IP address anyways. The problem is that, while file/print sharing works fine over tcpip, neither I nor my brother can join a War3 game started by the other person. They just don't show up on the list. I've dealt with this problem before in other games by simply adding ipx/spx but that didn't seem to do anything for us.
It's like and aren't talking, but they DO for sharing files and whatnot.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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