iPad mini advice needed

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iPad mini advice needed

Messagepar Jessebarker » 31 Mai 2018, 05:45


I've been a long time Scrivener for Windows user, currently running primarily on a Surface. I'm seriously considering picking up an iPad mini to essentially use as a notepad and for editing in both Scrivener and Final Draft. Basically I'm sick of having to use the likes of Evernote or OneNote to jot things down on my Android phone quickly and then transferring into Scrivener later.
Aside from an iPod touch I've never owned an Apple product so was hoping for some feedback. I don't intend to have any long writing sessions with the mini, so will an iPad mini 2 (or possibly 3 at most due to price) run Scrivener ok? Is it easy enough to sync between Scrivener for iOS and Scrivener for windows, I guess using Dropbox?

Please help.

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