New Sampletank IOS for older iPad issue

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New Sampletank IOS for older iPad issue

Messagepar crowek » 09 Juil 2018, 23:58


I updated to the new version of Sampletank for IOS today, love the new update, Im running it on an iPad Air 2 128gig, with no issues so far, the issue Im having is that I went to update it on my iPad 2 16gig, it told me I didnt have enough space, so I deleted version 1.8.5 and a couple other apps to make space, but when I went to install it, it says its not compatible with my iPad 2, no biggie, but I still wanted to have 1.8.5 on my iPad 2 because use it on it a lot too, but now I cant even download version 1.8.5 from my purchased apps section, because it still say its not compatible ( version 1.8.5 ) If I didnt have an iPad Air 2, this would be a complete disaster, so for myself and anyone else who wants to reinstall Sampletank to an pre 64 bit iPad, how do we go about that? Im able to download other apps like Garageband, that wont install the latest version but will install a version that is still compatible with my iPad 2, shouldnt there be the case with Sampletank ?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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