New Iphone X or Better Bundle?

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New Iphone X or Better Bundle?

Messagepar breckjensen » 23 Nov 2017, 07:28


So the beginning price of iphone X is $999, which might be justified and possibly not even an issue for some iPhone enthusiasts. However, I find it very compelling to buy another iphone and extras when looking at that price. For $937 I can purchase on an Iphone SE 128gb (which is legitimately the only phone on apple’s lineup, because all others are phablets. My opinion.), also the Apple Watch 3 (wifi), and the airpods. All new, all together, all for less than the entry price of the iphone X. Seems like a better bang for the buck to me, if you don’t already own one of these items and/or that you just have to have the newest and best. Thoughts?

Please help.


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