running simulator app – Tracking My Results Has Made A

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running simulator app – Tracking My Results Has Made A

Messagepar breckjensen » 23 Nov 2017, 07:29


I am not a lazy person by any means but when it comes to staying organized and keeping on top of the small details I often fail miserably in a lot parts of my life. I work hard, spend lots of time with family and friends and exercise regularly so staying focused on the important things is not really the issue. I run a ton but rarely keep track of my records which I felt was somewhat holding me back. Wow was I right. I started using a running simulator app to monitor my running results and the difference it has made is truly amazing. Not only am I running more often due to the social aspects of the app but I am constantly improving and meeting goals I never imagined possible. Do you use any applications to track your fitness progress?

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