Cross-platform development/ or how to best start with iOS

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Cross-platform development/ or how to best start with iOS

Messagepar breckjensen » 04 Déc 2017, 10:04


I'm a researcher and software developer and I've created an Android app before.
Now I want to explore more of the mobile development. I want to chose the right development strategy so I am trying to understand what's out there.
One simple issue: I run linux. I can order a Mac, but before I commit I want to be certain there is no way around. I really like the idea of javascript like apps that are cross platform, but from a tutorial here I read they can have a lag, I don't want that. Also, my preferred programming language is java, but I can do with C++ (prefer to avoid C#) .
Is there any way around getting an Apple computer (other then running hackingtosh)? Especially since I want to develop cross-platform? What would be the best angle here...


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