How make hardware documentation?

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How make hardware documentation?

Messagepar breckjensen » 21 Déc 2017, 08:24


The weather is fine, but as a newbie in techrepublic I feel some nervous for my posting, I'm scared of there will be some mistakes in my post.
I'm building some slides for my friends about how we should document the hardware we are developing.

I'd like to list the documents we should make when building some hardware. I was inspired at UML software documentation, which brings lots of document types for almost every situation.

From my experience and research, lots of projects only have the schematics, the layout and the bill of materials. I think that we should also add information about the motive (requirements) that lead us in choosing one microcontroller and not the other. There are also some information regarding the layout that we just don't write, as special component position that should not be changed.

Please Help.


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