Windows 7 won't boot if RAID volume is present

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Windows 7 won't boot if RAID volume is present

Messagepar breckjensen » 23 Déc 2017, 08:45


I started having a new problem this week. My computer started doing one of two things: It would either hang at the Welcome screen with the spinning wheel of death, or it would get as far as showing me my desktop wallpaper, but no icons would ever appear, and spinning wheel of death. However, it'd boot into safe mode just fine.

I tried tinkering in msconfig, disabling different services, etc, but I also tried disabling different hardware as well via the BIOS. And the thing I found is that if I disable my RAID volume, it boots just fine.Is Intel RST the source of all my problems?

Can I disable/uninstall it without risking damaging my large RAID volume? And why would this even be happening in the first place?

Please Help.


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