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Stefano Sturaro World Cup Jersey

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Imagine the following situation. Every time you step onto the tennis court whether it?s to play a regular tennis game Angelo Ogbonna Italy Jersey , a practise match or a competitive match ? you WIN!

No, this is not a tennis how to serve lesson because that alone will not win you matches.

No, this not some kind of tennis act where I tell you to watch the tennis ball better and you learn absolutely nothing.

No, you can?t get this advice from your local tennis shop, and there are no special tennis terms for what you are about to learn.

No Andrea Barzagli Italy Jersey , you can?t just pop a tennis video on and learn it either.


Yes, it is possible and I am going to show you how to do it!

So here goes ? The tennis information on how to win every time you play guide.

First things first, a true story (yes it really is true!)

The whole ?tennis how to win every time you play? thing started a long time ago when I learnt how to do it and finished most recently with one of the ladies I have started to coach!

Now previously, like most people I coach and see, Karen mainly judged her weeks? tennis on how many games and matches she had won. It also revolved around how she was still unable to beat this player or that player even though she was convinced she was the ?better? tennis player with the ?better? tennis shots (and the better tennis kit).

Everything was brought into sharp focus one day when I decided we would play doubles against one of the other local coaches and their pupil. We played and lost! But it was Karen?s inability to reproduce the form she had been showing just 10 minutes earlier in the warm up lesson (and she was playing well).

We talked about things and I outlined some of the strategies I have in my Tennis Matchplay System Report at www.beatallthetennisplayersyouwant which is written for and works for players of all tennis levels and after a bit of head shaking she began to see that winning tennis matches was not all about just hitting tennis balls.

The following week we played the same pair and drew Alessio Cerci Italy Jersey , with Karen playing much better, saying she just tried to play and place her shots better. Even though we had drawn the match, in her eyes she had made serious progress and in some way even had the feelings of having won (I think you might be seeing where I am going with this).

This was bought up another level the week after when she told me she had played some mixed doubles with a guy during the week and had lost. But she said for the first time since she started playing she realised that although they had lost the doubles as a pair, she was really happy with how she had played.

?Even though WE lost? she told me, ?I Alessandro Florenzi Italy Jersey , felt like I had won!?

And that is exactly the right way to approach things!

And that is exactly the right way for YOU to approach things!

So, from TODAY stop focusing on the OUTCOME when you play i.e. Win or Lose and start focusing on the PROCESS when you play i.e. raising your 1st serve percentage, cutting down on unforced errors etc.

If you think about it, just improving on a couple of things like your 1st serve percentage and unforced errors will help you WIN more matches anyway.

But, if you improve on the 1 or 2 factors that you choose to focus on (and I recommend you only choose 1 or 2) Italy World Cup Jerseys , and lose the match then your opponent was probably too good BUT you can look back at the match with a really positive outlook in the knowledge that if you continue to focus on and improve on separate facets of your game you will be improving your tennis rankings and improving your tennis game out of sight??.and THAT is the way to WIN every time you play!

Remember & start it today.
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Test-takers in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province seize their last chance to study before sitting exams for the 2015 round of civil service recruitment. Photo: IC

Xiao Jiang (pseudonym), a second year graduate student at Beijing International Studies University, starts her studies in the library every day at 8 am, and usually finishes at 10 pm.

Jiang is one of the 3 Italy Soccer Jerseys ,620 candidates who have applied for a position offered to students by China's Foreign Ministry in the 2017 round of civil service recruitment.

In the spring of 2017, 44 applicants will be offered this position after several rounds of written exams, oral exams and interviews.

"I am currently doing exercises for the recruitment like crazy," Jiang told the Global Times on Wednesday. "I don't think much about how many people have applied for this position. I just want to make an effort for it."

The registration process for the 2017 round of civil servant recruitment finished on Monday, with 2.1 million people applying for more than 27 Thiago Motta World Cup Jersey ,000 vacancies in about 120 central departments and agencies, with around 1.48 million then judged to be qualified to take the first round of exams on November 27, according to Li Zhong, a spokesman from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, news portal chinanews reported on Thursday.

The 2017 round has the same number of job vacancies as in 2016. The numbers of newly recruited government workers rose from more than 16 Stephan El Shaarawy World Cup Jersey ,000 in 2011 to 22,000 in 2015, said the Xinhua News Agency.

"Most Chinese people like stable and long-term work," an employee from the Foreign Ministry who got his job this year, told the Global Times on Wednesday on condition of anonymity Stefano Sturaro World Cup Jersey , adding that she uses the foreign language she learned in college in her job.

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