My dad is 40 years old, of medium

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My dad is 40 years old, of medium

Messagepar ylq123 » 11 Juil 2018, 03:36

My dad is 40 years old, of medium build, slightly fatter, and has a big belly. He hurts me very much, and actually knows how to educate. If you don't believe it, please continue to look down.member when I was four years old, my mother went to work. My father had something to go out for a while. I was playing alone at home. I was playing on the head and saw a football at my feet. I shouted: "Look at my 'hanging gold hook.' '!' After that Marlboro Lights, my foot was hard and I shot the football out. Just listening to the "��", my heart sank, secretly thought: "No, this is a big disaster!"re enough, as I expected, I followed the football to the kitchen. After arriving at the "location point", I saw that a ceramic bowl was knocked over on the ground and was already "smashed".was so scared that I quickly tried to get the bowl back to its original shape. I wish I could be a magician and turn the bowl into the original. Unfortunately, this idea is good, but it cannot be achieved. I want to clean the "crime" scene, so that myst do it, I immediately ran to the balcony and took the broom and hoe, and was preparing to go to the kitchen to clean the scene. When Dad came back, Dad shouted when he entered the house: "Hohao, I am back." And it seems that there is a sixth feeling, so I went into the kitchen first. I was on the balcony with a broom and stunned. I didn't dare to respond to my father, and I didn't know how to clean the scene Cigarette Online. Soon, Dad came out of the kitchen. I thought to myself, "Oh, it��s finished."ught, when Dad came to the living room, I saw that I was standing on the balcony with a broom and a broom in my hand. The attitude asked me calmly: "What is the bowl in the kitchen?" I replied timidly: "Oh, that was when I was playing at home, I accidentally broke it." After that, I was deep. Take a deep breath and be prepared to accept punishment Marlboro Red 100S.aid thoughtfully to me: "Oh, it turned out to be like this. Although you broke the bowl, you can bravely admit that you are still a good boy when you take the initiative to face the mistakes you made. Remember, Don't play football at home again in the future Marlboro Cigarettes Price, otherwise there will be his matter has been going on for a long time Parliament Cigarettes, but it has been deeply imprinted on my mind and inspired me to grow. I really hope that all parents can educate their children like this.
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